Should I Invest in Used Gym Equipment?

 Mon 15th June 2020     Written by EDGECreative

Since the introduction of the government’s lockdown, many people across the country have been worried about their fitness routines.

With local gyms, such as Total Fitness Emporium Gym, closed, many people have taken up running, cycling or have turned to home workouts to boost motivation and stay both fit and mentally healthy.

Some individuals have purchased their own new gym equipment in order to get their gym-fix from the safety of their own home. Although beneficial, we understand that purchasing new gym equipment can be expensive for those who are taking the first steps into their fitness journey. This is why one of the clear advantages to buying used gym equipment is price.  

Buying second-hand gym equipment

Whatever used gym equipment you are buying, whether it’s for cardio or strength there are certain factors you should take into consideration:

Does your gym equipment fit?

It’s important that you take the time to measure the space you have available to ensure that whatever used equipment you purchase fits comfortably into your home.

Some used equipment may not have all the same specification materials that come with new gym equipment, however at Parkway Fitness, all our used gym equipment is listed with the dimensions, so you can be sure that your new investments will fit into the space you measure.

If you do not have the space for a large weight frame, or a cross trainer, you may consider purchasing barbells or olympic plates which are easier to store. Regardless, all our refurbished gym equipment can be specially tailored to your standards and needs.

What are your options?

Even if you have came to a decision of what type of second-hand gym equipment you would like to purchase, there are many different options of the same machines. Are you new to your fitness journey and want a basic model with few accessories, or would you prefer a higher-end model that provides heart rate readings?

These decisions will depend on you, your home, price range and fitness journey. However, if you’re not sure and are struggling to make a decision, get in contact with one of our team who will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

Does the equipment function like it’s brand new?

One of the main concerns when buying used gym equipment is that it must function properly. Equipment that is broken can seriously damage or injure those who use it. It’s vital that when you purchase used equipment, it works and functions as if it were brand new.

At Parkway Fitness, the products within our used equipment category are in good working order and will be given a vigorous 8 point check prior to going out. We receive a lot of used equipment from across the country from some of the most prestigious clubs in Europe and also hotels & smaller operators. This allows us to help you bring the gym home for a cheaper price.

Parkway Fitness

Now that you understand more about what you should be looking for when purchasing used gym equipment, make the leap into your first purchase.

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