Are home workouts worth it? New and used gym equipment for the home

 Mon 11th May 2020     Written by Natalie

With the gyms closed and the government’s lockdown in place, we understand that this has left many people across the country worried about their fitness routines.

While you may not be able to take a stroll down to your local gym, there is a range of different fitness activities you can get involved with from the comfort of your own home, especially with the use of our new and used gym equipment. 

Research has found that working out from home is extremely effective at boosting motivation. This is especially important during these difficult times as you may feel that during the lockdown your days are repetitive and so it is difficult to stay motivated. Working out is not only vital to maintain and improve physical health, but it is also has a huge positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

Below, our very own Natalie outlines the benefits of working out at home:

“Even before the lockdown, I always worked out from home regularly, and took weekly runs around my neighbourhood.

I push myself to my limit every single day and home workouts are very time efficient! It’s so much easier being able to work out whenever you have the time, without the need to buy a gym membership or lengthy travel.

I see that many people don’t have the space for a home workout session, although you may be surprised by how you can make the space to workout. Personally, I have an exercise bike that folds up and is easily put away.

This is helpful for those who feel self-conscious or dislike crowded gyms (even when they’re open). Your familiar surroundings can make you feel more comfortable, allowing you to push your limits confidentially.

Smaller and compact gym equipment allows you to train anywhere, whenever. That’s our goal at Parkway Fitness – to ensure everyone gets the exercise they deserve!”

To find out more about our new and used gym equipment and how we can support you and your health during these difficult times, please call us on 01527 529191.