Concept 2 Indoor Rower Model C

The Concept 2 Model C Indoor Rower has become the single best selling piece of equipment in gyms right around the World winning countless industry awards along the way.

The Excellent Feel of the Machine the Concept 2 Model C Indoor Rower captures the rhythm and feel of rowing on the water by using a carefully balanced and calibrated flywheel. The resistance you feel in using the Indoor Rower is the wind resistance generated by the spinning flywheel. With no brake pads to wear out, and no friction mechanism to generate heat, the flywheel motion is smooth, long lasting, and maintenance free.

A Powerful Performance Monitor the Model C Indoor Rower is fitted with a PM2 monitor which is simple to operate, offering programmable workouts, an optional heart rate interface, Workout Recall and other functions.


  • Color: Grey and black
  • Handle: Wood with black grips
  • Lever on the side of the flywheel with the numbers 1-10 adjustment
  • Plastic footstretchers

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